Dang it I just noticed my initial post has a typo... I studied "classics" and not "cleaning I classics" or whatever I somehow typed. I am not doing well with swipe typing on my phone...

The game I've been playing most recently is . It is a ton of fun! I've been mining my heart out. I've got each class promoted once, and I'm ready to start trying Deep Dives and Hazard 4 missions.

Hello! This is my post. My name is Kevin Wells. I live in Michigan (grew up in Oklahoma). I work as a mobile developer, and also own my own small independent game development business. I've got a degree in computer science and mathematics, and another one in philosophy and cleaning l classics. I like school... I also (unsurprisingly) love gaming.

Minneapolis city council plans to dismantle the police by redirecting funds to community safety programs. Fuuuuuck yes

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